Hood Petz

Licensed breeder located in north Florida!

We are USDA licensed and have the appropriate FWC permit to legally sell our animals.


*  Our aim is to better the species and produce superior animals.  *

*  We strive to educate others and we take pride in our personal touch.  *

*  Our animals are sold to pet owners and licensed breeders with whom we have a working relationship.  We do not wholesale, nor sell to pet shops.  *


We are happy to give a home to hedgehogs and guinea pigs in need.


If you find yourself needing to re-home your hedgehog or guinea pig, we are happy to provide them with a loving home and medical care if necessary.  Surrenders that are suitable for adoption are offered to screened adopters after evaluation.  Surrenders that are not suitable for adoption will remain at Hood Petz until they cross the rainbow bridge or are adopted by a 501C rescue.

Surrenders are never used for breeding.

If you are looking to purchase a hedgehog or guinea pig, please use the Contact form.  Thank you.

Contact Form to Surrender a Pet

This form is ONLY to surrender a pet.