Hood Petz

This page was last updated on 11/16/17


We currently have a limited number of gently used cages that are in good condition and suitable for guinea pigs.
If you are interested in purchasing a gently used cage or a complete set up in a gently used cage at a very fair price,
please mention it when you Contact Us.

We also offer complete bin packages on our Supplies page that are suitable for both hedgehogs and guinea pigs.

ID: Hershey

$20.00 - Available Now
7 month old male
Hershey is a really sweet guy.  A real cuddle-bug.
We are currently working on litter training.

ID: Cuy

$20.00 - Available Now
7 month old male
Cuy is a sweet boy.  He will scamper when you reach in to pick him up but once he's in hand, he is a snuggler.
We are working on litter training.


None at this time