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About Contacting Us

We ask quite a few questions, here's why...
When caring for hedgehogs and guinea pigs, SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS must be met in order for them to live and thrive.
 - Hedgehogs have special temperature, dietary, and caging requirements.  They also have a unique personality type and, for some folks, are not the right pet.
 - Guinea pigs have special dietary requirements.
We care a great deal for our animals and need to know that they are going to new homes with owners who are educated and who fully understand how to provide proper care.

We do not do background checks nor ask to come to your home for an inspection, so the questions that we ask are all we have to determine if you are a suitable pet owner.
If you're not willing to take the time to answer these questions, we're not willing to send one of our babies to live with you.

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