Requirements for purchasing hedgehogs for breeding.

  • You must be 18 years of age and up.
  • You must be USDA licensed.
  • You must track pedigrees.
  • You must not breed rescues, period.
  • You must screen and educate your buyers.  If you'll sell to anyone with a dollar, I will not sell to you.
  • You must not sell babies younger than 6 weeks of age.  I feel strongly that babies younger than 6 weeks are too young to go to a new home.
  • You must not inbreed.  If you inbreed or line breed at the 4th gen or closer, don't even waste your time trying to buy from me.  I'm really not interested in having my lines sullied by someone else's carelessness.

NOTE:  If you house your hedgehogs in multiples, I'm not likely to sell to you.  I realize that some breeders keep 2 or more females per enclosure.  I'm not comfortable with my hedgehogs going to this type of setting.  If it is done temporarily on an as needed basis, I may be flexible but if this is the standard practice in your herd, I'd prefer not to sell to you.  I've seen what happens so please don't try to "reason with me".

If you're not USDA licensed, please do not fill out this form.  If you're looking to buy a PET hedgehog, please complete our Contact Form.

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