If you are a breeder and you are interested in buying from us please read the following carefully.

  • We are USDA licensed.  We prefer that you are as well.  We may consider a sale to a hobby breeder but we prefer to deal with breeders who are USDA licensed and operate legally.
  • We track pedigrees.  You must also track pedigrees.  We feel that knowing the lineage and keeping it diverse is very important.  If you do not feel the same, please do not contact us.
  • We do not breed rescues.  You must not breed rescues.  We occasionally take in a rescue that arrives here pregnant.  Those babies are sold "pet only" and the female is re-homed "pet only" upon weaning the litter.  Breeding rescues is unethical and if this is your practice, we will not sell to you.
  • We screen and educate our buyers.  You must screen and educate your buyers.  If you are the type of breeder who will sell to anyone with a dollar, Please do not contact us.
  • Our babies are ready to go at 6.5 - 8 weeks of age.  You must not sell babies younger than 6 weeks of age.  We feel strongly that babies younger than 6 weeks are too young to go to a new home.
  • We do not inbreed.  If you do, please do not contact us.
  • We do not line breed at the 4th gen or closer.  If you do, please do not contact us.

NOTE:  We have put the above guidelines in place because we are not interested in having our lines sullied by someone else's carelessness.
In addition, if you house your hedgehogs in multiples, we are not likely to sell to you.  We realize that some breeders keep 2 or more females per enclosure.  We are not comfortable with our hedgehogs going to this type of setting.  If it is done temporarily on an as needed basis, we may be flexible but if this is the standard practice in your herd, we'd prefer not to sell to you.  We've seen what happens so please don't try to "reason with us".

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