Hood Petz

Licensed breeder of hedgehogs and guinea pigs in north Florida!

We are USDA licensed and have the appropriate FWC permit to legally sell our animals.
Requirements for USDA licensing can be seen HERE.
ALL individuals and businesses selling animals in the state of Florida are required to have the appropriate permit.  See info HERE.

*  Our aim is to better the species and produce superior animals.  *
Animal health is our first priority.  Fancy colors and patterns are great but having a pretty but sick animal is never desirable.  Health first! 

*  We strive to educate others and we take pride in our personal touch.  *
We spend a large amount of time counselling with buyers and potential buyers.  We are pleased to share our knowledge with others.

​*  We take pedigree and lineage seriously and track all of our animals.  *
Knowing the extended lineage of an animal is the only way to ensure that you're not inbreeding.  Knowing that an animal came from a particular state does not guarantee that it is not related to an animal from a different state.  Breeders ship animals all over the country and sometimes even internationally.  Tracking lineage is 100% necessary for proper breeding.
If a breeder is not tracking lineage, animal health is NOT their main concern regardless of what they may say.

*  We do not inbreed or line breed animals as we believe that diversity is key in producing healthy animals.  *
 - Inbreeding: mating closely related individuals such as cousins, parent to child, sibling to sibling, etc.
 - Line breeding: a form of inbreeding where individuals are less closely related but still have considerable common ancestry.
Our belief:  each ancestor that is duplicated in an animal's lineage could increase the chance of undesired health traits.

*  Our animals are sold to pet owners and very select licensed breeders.  *
We screen buyers to the best of our ability and do our best to ensure that our animals go to qualified and knowledgeable pet homes.
We work with select licensed breeders whom we feel are ethical, experienced and properly educated on the husbandry of the animals that they keep.  We will not sell animals for breeding without getting to know the breeder and their practices.

*  We do not sell to pet shops.  *
It is our belief that pet shops are a poor environment for animals.  Our belief is based on the following facts:
 - Housing multiple species in close proximity allows for the spread of disease and parasites.
 - Pet shops often house groups of animals together in small enclosures, sometimes without even checking gender.
 - Animals
(regardless of species) available in pet shops are often purchased from mills.  Reputable breeders do not sell to pet shops.
 - Most often, exact date of birth, health information and health information on the parents are not available for animals in pet shops.
 - Pet shops frequently bring in new animals with no quarantine procedure.
 - Pet shop animals often have temperament or anxiety issues.  This is from being exposed to the other animals in the shop and countless customers.  Animals
(especially hedgehogs) can be overstimulated by noisy animals such as squawking birds and crying puppies.  Constantly smelling many other species is stressful for all animals.  In some cases it may be a predator/prey situation and will cause severe stress.  Having humans tapping on cages, poking fingers at them, and picking them up can lead to illness and can cause animals to become antisocial toward humans.

NOTE:  Many times pet shop employees do not have reasonable knowledge of proper diet, temperature requirements, and general care for certain species.  When employees do not know the correct information, buyers are given erroneous information which results in sick or dead animals.  Many pet shops have no return policy or health guarantee on live animals nor do they offer post-sale support if you have questions.

Reputable and ethical breeders are knowledgeable about the species they keep.
They have proper enclosures and proper feed for their animals.
They quarantine all new animals.
They maintain the required licensing and permits to breed and sell their animals.
They can supply you with facts about the animal and its parents.
Reputable breeders will send you home with a sample of food for your new pet and care instructions in writing.
They will also make themselves available to you after the sale to answer any questions.



We are happy to give a home to hedgehogs and guinea pigs in need.
If you find yourself needing to re-home your hedgehog or guinea pig, we are happy to provide them with a loving home and medical care if necessary.  Surrenders that are suitable for adoption are offered to screened adopters after evaluation.  Surrenders that are not suitable for adoption will remain at Hood Petz until they cross the rainbow bridge or are adopted by a 501C rescue.

* Surrenders are never used for breeding. *

Form to Surrender a Pet

If you are looking to purchase a hedgehog or guinea pig DO NOT complete this form. Please click CONTACT in the navigation bar above and complete the form on that page. Thank you.