Hood Petz

Fidget - Dachshund - Spayed


Fidget is our oldest doxie.  We got her in 2008, when she was just 9 weeks old, as a companion for a male doxie that we had at the time.  She never seemed to care for him (though we totally adored him) and she eventually became a mommy's girl.  She snores like a chainsaw and we're currently working on counting calories since her weight nearly doubled after being spayed several years ago.  It's alright though ... she is perfect to her mommy.

Cookie - Dachshund - Spayed


Cookie ... oh what can I say about Cookie?  She came to us in 2013 from a breeder and personal friend who had previously sold her (as a puppy) but the new owner couldn't keep her.  Her loss was definitely our gain.  Everyone falls in love with Cookie.  She is a total sweetheart and such a little ham.  When she barks, it is not at all what you would expect ... she sounds like an old man.  She runs faster than any dog I've ever seen.  She will run after anything you throw ... bringing it back though, that's another story.  All she wants is to play and be loved.
Sounds awesome, right?  She is!

Bosco - Dachshund - Male


Bosco was born here with us.  He was a planned breeding (the only breeding for Cookie) and has been one of the best decisions we have made.  He is a wonderful boy and pretty dang smart.  He keeps us on our toes and gives lots of love to anyone who wants it.  He is the ONLY one who can give Mommy one look and get her to do anything but make no mistake, he is 100% Daddy's boy.

Honey - Spoiled Cat - Spayed


Honey is a sweet girl with a sweet story.  We found her on the side of busy Normandy Blvd. in Jacksonville, FL when she was a very tiny kitten.  She wasn't even old enough to be away from her mom yet and we have no clue how she ended up where we found her.  Thank goodness for red lights because that is what allowed me the time to jump out and grab her.  We brought her home and nursed her until she was able to eat solid foods.  That was in 2007 and she has been with us ever since.  She is incredibly sweet and loving.  She is great with everyone who comes in our home.  She often accompanies me during hedgehog sales.  We couldn't ask for a better cat.  So grateful for traffic and red lights :)

Abby - African Pygmy - Female


Abby was purchased as a bottle baby.  She will come to you for lovin' and will follow you around like a puppy.  She has recently broken both horns by picking fights with our fence posts.  Despite her broken horns, the fence posts have truly been the losers.
She has produced one kid but we no longer breed the goats.  We have no male on the premises.  Our girls are merely lawn mowers.

Anabelle - African Pygmy - Female


Annabelle is something else.  She is a rowdy girl who loves to spar with the others.  She was purchased as a bottle baby and likes her lovin'.  She is unaware that she is a goat.  We are pretty sure that she thinks she is a dog.  We have not decided if we're going to tell her the truth or not.  She follows the master around while he does any kind of yard work and I'm pretty sure that she considers herself "supervising".
Never bred.

Bailey - Nigerian Dwarf - Female


Bailey is a very sweet girl.  She is a little on the shy side since she was not a bottle baby but she has a mild demeanor.  She had a mishap a couple of years ago and ended up losing one of her front legs.  The loss hasn't hindered her much.  She doesn't run as fast as the others but she still plays hard.
Never bred.

Clover - Nigerian Dwarf - Female


Clover is a pistol.  She has a cute 4 leaf clover marking on the side of her face.  She loves feeding time and will bleat louder than anyone else when she thinks food is headed her way.  She will stand up on just her hind legs to reach the leaves in the trees when feeding time is later than she prefers.  She was not a bottle baby so she really only cares to let you touch her if you have food to offer.
She produced 2 kids and is now our best lawn mower.