Hood Petz

The hedgehogs on this page are residents and not for sale.


AHHF Pitch

Pitch is a very sweet girl.  Her awesome face is only part of her charm.

PMHH Celia

 Celia is a great girl with a wonderful temperament.  She has given us 1 litter of incredibly gorgeously babies.

AHHF Mochi

 Mochi is a shy girl but opens up nicely.  She lived with Renn's for a short time but has come back to us and given us a fantastic litter of light colored babies.  We hope to see more wonderful babies from her in 2018.

REN Teaspoon

 Teaspoon is a tiny girl who is quite shy.  She has not produced a litter as yet and is quickly approaching 1 year ... we shall see what happens with her.  Fingers crossed.

BBH Peach

 Peach is a really sweet girl who has given us the most beautiful and super sweet babies.  We expect to see some stunning babies from her in the future and are super excited.

QBHH Mellie

 Mellie is a bit shy but opens up nicely with someone she trusts.  She has given us some uniquely beautiful babies and we can't wait to see her next litter in 2018.

AHHF Malicki

 Malicki is a gorgeous girl who is named after a family member who passed away.  She has a very good personality and is quite social.  She gave us the most beautiful chocolaty brown colored babies and we can't wait to see her future babies.

PMHH Carvao

 Carvao, whose name means charcoal in Portuguese, is a very sweet girl most of the time.  She has the occasional "off day" but for the most part she is a good girl.  She has given us an amazing litter of babies who had their mom's personality (the sweet side, that is) and we cannot wait to see what she gives us in 2018.

AHHF Haschi

 Haschi ... hmmm, what can we say about Haschi.  She is a grump at first.  It always takes her a  moment or two to accept the fact that she is being handled.  Once she realizes that it IS going to happen, she just kinda goes with it.  She has given us some really pretty babies and we look forward to her future babies.


 Icy is an incredibly sweet and wonderful girl.  You just can't upset her.  We are anxiously awaiting her first litter.

WWCF Kitty Gertrude

 Kitty Gertrude is a bit of a grump.  She wants everything her way and doesn't really compromise.  Nonetheless, we are happy to have her.  She recently gave birth to a litter and we're excited and anxious to find a keeper for ourselves in her litter so that we can continue her bloodline.

WWCF Heart

 Heart got her name because she stole my heart the moment I got her in my hands.  She is a good girl with a very nice personality, kinda nosy.  We look forward to seeing babies from her soon and plan to keep one for our selves to continue her bloodline.

QBHH Brigita

 Brigita is a grumpy girl so far.  We're hoping that she will settle in and come around to a sweeter personality.  Fingers crossed!

ZTHH Bitsy

 Bitsy is a sweet girl.  She had no time for this photo shoot, she wanted to stay alseep but take our word for it, she's a bright eyed and social girl.  Hopeful that she will give us beautiful brown babies in the future.

AHHF Ladybug

 Ladybug wasn't thrilled with the photo shoot either.  She is a wonderful girl who is very easy going.  Her dark color makes her even more appealing.  Big plans for this girl.

AHHF Lovebug

 Lovebug is a sweet girl but never slows down.  After about 40 photos, we settled on this peculiar pose rather than the full stride poses.  Hopefully her babies are sweet, active and busy little bugs like she is.

WWCF Angel

Angel is a sweetheart.  She has beautiful deep brown color and is a great addition.

AHHF Bamboo

Bamboo is a sweet girl.  She was a keeper from gorgeous parents and we hope to see brown and light brown babies from her in the future.

AHHF Zellie

Zellie is very young but so far, she's a pretty sweet girl.  Digging deep for patience to wait on this one to produce.


WCH Perry -  Coming Soon!

AHHF Alaric

Alaric is an incredibly sweet boy.  He's a little on the pudgy side but we're working on that.  He loves humans and has sired some really awesome babies.

KQHH Klasik

Klasik was a shocker.  When purchased, he was brown.  When he arrived, he had snowflaked and turned nearly completely white!  He is really sweet and we are anxious to see babies from him.


Jepp is a grumpy boy.  We see great potential in him as a sire despite his anti-social behavior.

QBHH Caerus

Caerus was pretty grumpy when he arrived but is starting to come around.  We believe that he is aware of how gorgeous he is and has decided that he doesn't have to be a sweet boy.  More updates to come!

ZTHH Solar

Solar is a little shy but not too bad at all.  He has the most amazing color and we cannot wait to see babies from him.

AHHF Smoke

Smoke is a stunning boy.  He has an incredibly dark face and has been pretty sweet so far.  We are super anxious to see babies from this looker.

AHHF Leroy

Leroy is an awesome boy.  We are super excited about him and waiting for him to grow up!

QBHH Drake - Coming Soon!

ZTHH Rudloe - Coming Soon!