Hood Petz

Deliveries & Meetings

We appreciate being notified if you're going to be more than 10 minutes late.  We expect you to notify us if you're going to be more than 20 minutes late.
We appreciate being notified 24 hours before the appointment time if you're unable to keep the appointment.  We expect you to notify us at least 12 hours before the appointment time if you are unable to keep the appointment.
NO SHOWS - If we travel to a destination to meet with you and you do not show, we will not reschedule another meeting.  You will be expected to pick up at our location in Middleburg, FL.
We will not arrange any meetings within the state of GA for hedgehog purchases.  Hedgehogs are illegal as pets in GA and we will not conduct business within the state nor sell to its residents for legal reasons.

Travel fees are $0.50 a mile from this location in Middleburg, Florida.  Payments via PayPal will include a 5% fee.  If you'd like to mail a money order, please contact us.
We will not travel to deliver or meet until a deposit has been received and the travel fee is paid in full.  The remaining amount due is to be paid in cash upon delivery.


United is no longer shipping hedgehogs.  This has left us with Delta as our only option.
Just the shipping fee is $200.00 through Delta.  This does not include the price of the animal.

Guinea Pig shipping is available to adult residents of the continental U.S.
Hedgehog shipping is available to residents of continental U.S. states where hedgehogs are LEGAL.

Shipping fee includes:

  • Airfare
  • Airport parking & travel fuel
  • Shipping crate
  • Absorbent padding or bedding
  • Snuggle sack (hedgehogs only)
  • Dividers if necessary (each animal must have its own compartment)
  • Sample of food
  • Paperwork (packaged for protection)
  • Heat packs or ice bottles if necessary

Up to 4 hedgehogs or guinea pigs can be shipped for a single shipping fee.

The following is required for shipping:

  • Payment in full for the animal(s) and shipping fee.
  • The name of the airport near you that receives live animal shipments.
  • The name, address and phone number of the person picking up at the airport.


Distance - We WILL NOT ship to destinations within 400 miles of our home, zip 32068.  Shipping is stressful for animals and it's better to arrange a meeting place.

Weather - Occasionally weather conditions will cause an embargo at particular airports.  We do our best to stay up to date on these embargoes and update our website as necessary.  We will not ship if the temperature at origin, destination, or connecting flights in between exceed 80ºF or drop below 32ºF for the day of travel.

Airline - Airlines occasionally have delays which are beyond our control.  This may cause the animal to have a later arrival than planned.

Payment - E-checks via PayPal must clear before shipping will be scheduled.

PLEASE NOTE: Once we have released an animal to an airline, custody of the animal is transferred to the recipient and it becomes the recipient's responsibility to pursue the airline in the event of any inconveniences/damages/injuries sustained in transit.  Once shipping has taken place, there will be no refund on the shipping amount.