Shipping is available to continental U.S. states where hedgehogs are LEGAL.
Please see RESTRICTIONS below.

We ship through United.jpg
The price of shipping is currently $115.00

This price does not include the price of the hedgehog.
Shipping fee includes:

  • Airfare
  • Travel fuel
  • Airport parking
  • Shipping crate
  • Absorbent padding
  • Dividers if necessary
  • Soft fabric for the trip
  • Water bowl & food bowl
  • Sample of food
  • Heat packs if necessary
  • Paperwork (packaged for protection)
More than 1 hedgehog can be shipped for a single shipping fee if the total weight does not exceed 9 lbs.
The price is $155.00 for any shipment of 10 lbs or over.

We will not arrange shipping until you have provided the following:

  • Payment in full.
  • The name of the airport near you that receives live animal shipments.
  • A copy of your ID or driver's license.
  • Your contact phone number.
  • At least 3 options of the best day/time for you to pick up at the airport.


Distance - We WILL NOT ship to destinations within 400 miles of our home, zip 32068.  Shipping is stressful for hedgehogs and it's better to arrange a meeting place.

Weather - We cannot/will not ship if temperatures fall below 35ºF or exceed 95ºF at origin, destination, or any layover locations.

Airline - Airlines occasionally have delays which are beyond our control.

Payment - Echecks via PayPal must clear before shipping will be scheduled.

PLEASE NOTE: Once we've released a hedgehog to an airline,  it becomes the buyer's responsibility to pursue the airline in the event of any damages/injuries sustained in transit.