Hood Petz

Complete Set Up

Our COMPLETE SET-UP provides your hedgehog with ALL of the required supplies, as well as the safety, privacy, and space needed.

Included for hedgehogs:

  1.jpg  Large bin that is modified specifically for hedgehogs.
  1.jpg  Digital thermometer
  1.jpg  Clamp lamp and ceramic heat emitter
  1.jpg  12" exercise wheel
  1.jpg  12" igloo
  1.jpg  8 oz. water bottle
  1.jpg  Ceramic food bowl
  1.jpg  Plastic mealworm bowl
  1.jpg  1 lb. of kibble

Included for guinea pigs:

  1.jpg  Large bin that is modified specifically for guinea pigs.
  1.jpg  Digital thermometer
  1.jpg  Clamp lamp and ceramic heat emitter
  1.jpg  12" exercise wheel
  1.jpg  12" igloo
  1.jpg  16 oz. water bottle
  1.jpg  Ceramic food bowl
  1.jpg  Sample supply of timothy hay
  1.jpg  1 lb. of guinea pig pellets

Individual Supplies

We offer individual items for folks that already have the majority of the items needed.

Heat Lamp

The clamp lamp is rated up to 250 watts.
Ceramic heat emitter produces heat only, no light.


Digital Thermometer

Digital thermometer reads C° and F°.  Batteries included.
Wire lead allows reading dual locations in the enclosure.


Exercise Wheel

We offer 12 inch Flying Saucer Wheels
and 12 inch Comfort Wheels

Flying Saucer - $25.00  |  Comfort - $18.00

Igloo Hide

Recommended for guinea pigsRecommended for hedgehogs12 inch igloo style hide.  Cozy place to hide.
2 styles to choose from.

$8.00 each

Hedgehog Kibble / Guinea Pig Pellets

Our 3 lb bags of hedgehog kibble are the same that we feed our own hedgehogs and foods in our mix are free of artificial preservatives.
Our 5 lb bags of guinea pig pellets are the same that we feed our own guinea pigs and we purchase regularly so our foods are never old or stale.

$10.00 per bag

Hedgehog Shampoo

Our hedgehog shampoo is organic, fragrance-free, and dye free.
It is safe for people and other animals (do not bathe guinea pigs).

$5.00 per 4 oz bottle

Why we offer set ups

We provide a complete set up that is suitable for other animals including guinea pigs, but was designed specifically with hedgehogs in mind.  A lot of time and experience has gone into the design and we are confident that it is exactly what you need.
The set up comes with everything you need to get started, including heat, food, bedding, etc.

We offer the convenience of one-stop shopping and the peace of mind of knowing that you have the correct supplies needed.

We are not able to ship the complete set up due to the cost of shipping.

We occasionally have gently used items available at deeply discounted prices.  If you are interested in these items, just let us know.